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Evolve Skateboards

Welcome Evolve Skateboards as a Sponsor of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon. Evolve Skateboards is an award winning high performance electric skateboard company, and they will be our “Course Marshall” and will be filming along the course. So if you see someone zoooming by you on an electric skateboard make sure to wave hello to the camera. We will be carrying some models at the shop if you’d like to check them out later.

For more information please visit

Whatever Skateboards Continues their support


The Pacific Beach longboard company Whatever Skateboards continues their support to the Adrenalina Longboard Skateboard Marathon this year.

At Whatever Skateboards site you can design your own deck and make an entire custom skateboard or custom longboard just for yourself. No labels, no brands, only your pictures and your design. Sick right?

They use quality longboard decks, and some of the most popular shapes. Drop thru longboards, top mount longboards, cruisers and street skateboards.

Check out their events page, they don’t miss absolutely anything. CLICK HERE

If you win the 2016 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon or you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, you will score a new one if a kind longboard from Whatever Skateboards with one-time 2016 graphics.


Skateboard Marathon 2015 Official Video

Here is the official 2015 Skateboard Marathon video.


The 2015 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon in San Diego, California. A 26. mile race on Skateboards set to promote health, fitness, action sports and to raise money and awareness for parkinson’s research (Summit 4 Stem Cell).

The 2016 Skateboard Marathon will take place in San Diego, Nov 20th.

Music Remix by Eric Clapman


Race Results – Skateboard Marathon

Congratulations to all the skaters that participated in 2017.

View Race Results from 2017

Here are the results:

Overall Women Open Division Results:

  • 1st Place – Alyssa Monteiro – Chicago IL
  • 2nd Place – Hopemarie Jackson – Everett WA
  • 3rd Place – Kira Sterling – Palo Alto, CA

Overall Men Open Division Results: (these guys came in at the finish line within a second of each other)

  • 1st Place – Kiefer Dixon
  • 2nd Place – Kyle Yan
  • 3rd Place – Eric Palmer
  • 4th Place – Colby Cunnings


2016 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon


CLICK HERE to see the Race Results from 2016.

OPEN 2016 MEN:

  1. Kyle Yan (New York, NY) – 1:33:30
  2. Jeffrey Vyain  (Morrison, TN) – 1:33:31
  3. Joe Mazzone (Moperville, IL) – 1:34:56


  1. Alyssa Monteiro (Chicago, IL) – 1:55:56
  2. Calleigh Little (Milford, CT) – 1:59:05
  3. Kira Sterling (Palo Alto, CA) – 2:17:23


2015 Skateboard Marathon

The race results are in for the 2015 Adrenalina skateboard marathon.

Congratulations to Thomas Slager and Joe Mazzone who were neck to neck the entire race and fought it out all the way to the end where Mazzone took a spill while crossing the finish line.  And placing 3rd overall, Kyle Yan who threw down a challenge saying that he is coming back for first place next year!

The new Skateboard Marathon Queen is Allyssa Monteiro from Chicago who took the title from reigning champion San Diego’s Lexi Hutchings.

What an amazing day and an awesome race.  Thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers, athletes and everyone who helped make today happen, especially Pablo Lanatta!

View Race Results 

View Overall Results PDF