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Whatever Skateboards Sponsors the 2017 ASM

Whatever Skateboards will be sponsoring the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon again this year and we are stoked.  On top of their sponsorship, they will be designing the trophy boards again this year to give away to the winners.

There is just something awesome about designing your own deck and making an entire custom skateboard or custom longboard just for yourself. No labels, no brands, only your pictures and your design. Visit and start your own.

Thank you Whatever Skateboards!



Riptide Bushings Sponsors The ASM

Happy to announce that Riptide Bushings continues their support to the ASM. They are the preferred skateboard bushing among top athletes.

Please visit or to check out all of Riptide’s amazing products.

Riptide is a skater-owned microbrewery-style company that produces hand-crafted urethane compounds in small batches right here in California, and they commit to all of their products being made in the U.S.A.  Their products are 100% inspected at every level of the process.


Braap Stik Land Paddles

Proud sponsor of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon. Braap Stik is softer on the joints, faster down the straits, more convenient to store and travel with. BraapStik land paddle does it all.

Utilizing a double push pin extension system Zenxten Inc’s Braap Stik is an adjustable land paddle making it applicable to a wide range of rider sizes and styles. With an ergonomic ball grip handle getting the correct length is super easy.

Register today for the ASM Stand Up paddle division.